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2020 Website-Relaunch

Following 7 years of trusted service, last week saw the closing of our two separate Websites, for desktop and mobile users, for the sake of one newly designed and united presence on the web.

We have long since come to accept the fact that the only constancy in a person’s life is change: First we are children, then young adults. Some of us go on to become parents and grandparents. Our perspective changes with each stage, and, every few weeks, there is even a software update to highlight the fact that something has changed and that we are moving on.

In contrast to this, the purpose of a training institution, such as crossXculture, is to offer stability and continuity to our corporate customers and course participants. Educational experiences become more valuable when trust is involved, because students can then focus on the subject matter, rather than worry about the relationship. crossXculture has been phenomenal in establishing trust on all sides.

Our 2020 website relaunch therefore needed to find a balance between technological renewal and the trusted continuity that our customers, students, and trainers have come to expect from us. We feel that we have succeeded, and hopefully you will also find that our web design is now as responsive as our tailored language courses, to make sure you have access to the right information at the right time.

To find the items that you are looking for faster, you can now choose between three user profiles right from the start: 1. Course organiser: looking for an in-company provider; 2. Employee: looking to receive training; 3. Parents: looking for a course for their children. Item 3 is a new offer for 2020, and we have already been running four active kids groups in Frankfurt Griesheim since its launch this year.

We hope you will enjoy the new page and that you will recognise the crossXculture signature of a well-thought-out presentation. ‘Responsive’ means that you will now be able to access all functions comfortably, regardless of your web device or screen size, with new features to better support mobile users in Registration, Placement Test, etc.

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