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Coping and Cooperating through COVID-19

Mutual appreciation and swift collaboration have managed to lessen the economic free-fall effect brought upon us by the Corona virus pandemic and given us hope when hope was lost.

It could be argued that people of enterprise are always well-advised to create win-win scenarios in which both the provider and the client will benefit from the exchange. Yet, in the world of language training it is often forgotten that the trainer should be part of this equation for the service to be excellent. What is needed therefore is a win-win-win scenario in which the trainer is naturally included.

cXc | crossXculture has always remembered this and has carefully been maintaining a triple-win scenario – client, trainer, provider – to protect our trainers from the hardship of the free market economy. Guaranteeing our trainers a 2/3 share of our generated turnover has garnered some ridicule, but also has set a standard that trainers are so much more than middlemen and women. We call our principle ‘Fair-Share’, and we firmly believe it is the right thing to do.

When COVID-19 hit Germany in mid-March 2020, and our clients closed their doors to outside visitors and sent their staff home to work remotely, all our beloved in-house classes came to a halt within a span of approximately 10 days. As anyone can imagine, this was a hard blow to an exclusive in-house specialist like cXc | crossXculture.

And then two things happened that re-confirmed our belief in the benefits our Fair-Share scheme: Firstly, some of our customers asked us to continue their classes online in the very e-mail that they were informing us about restricting building access. The continued language programs provide a welcome sense of normalcy and reassurance during the current lock-down.

Secondly, we swiftly set up communications with our trainers to install with each of them the necessary tools for online training. Our benefit in this situation was that our Fair Share trainer participation had helped us maintain contact with the best of the business. Therefore, the atmosphere during the transition to online classes was highly productive and professional. Just two weeks into the crises, we now have successfully converted more than half of our lessons into online training. This is a truly amazing feat, and we are indeed very grateful to our professional network of clients and trainers who have helped to make this possible on such short notice.

Running 50% of our lessons via video-based training is not a long-term recipe for survival when all other classes are on hold, but until we can see a return to full in-company training, we continue to invest all our efforts in making lessons rewarding. To our clients for whom receiving lessons online is not an option at this time, we understand the complications and reasons. We also want to continue to pledge our support to you, and promise that when you re-open your doors, we will be available for you.

The economic free-fall effect brought upon us by the Corona virus pandemic has panicked the world. But by means of mutual appreciation and swift collaboration, we have found renewed purpose and re-established hope.

cXc | crossXculture

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