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NEW! 'Short Course' Business English

"Spontaneous" is what comes to mind after the event. - Do you also know the feeling of not being able to find the right English words in important situations? If your answer is ‘Yes!’, we warmly invite you to explore a newly developed course format with us.

The 'Short Course' Business English, which has been newly developed by crossXculture, will provide you with an overview of your existing skills in the spontaneous use of business English in just 12 lessons. Join us as pioneers in exploring a newly developed course format and be sure to benefit from the limited introductory offer of just 8.00 EUR per 45min.

Corona presents our economy with numerous challenges and will once again put our expertise to the test. Therefore, use this summer in particular to develop your skills and abilities. After all, true spontaneity and flexibility may look easy from the outside, but they in reality require a high degree of preparation and practice.

A relatively small investment of 192.00 EUR in your professional future can make a huge difference in your future outlook and rekindle your passion for new discoveries. With only 1x90min per week, joining us comfortably from home or from your office, you now can practice different situations of everyday business life with us and thereby test your spontaneity as well as practice new techniques.

The 'Short Course' Business English is taught by two native speakinger teachers with more than 20 years of experience in adult education. You can therefore look forward to a positive atmosphere and competent professional guidance. So that you can show your professional capabilities in the foreign language even more spontaneously in future.

\ \ Course Details

  • Type: Business English 'Short Course

  • Group size: 5-10 participants

  • Duration: 12 appointments of 90min each (24 units)

  • Interval: 1x 90min per week

  • Materials: crossXculture 'Short Course

  • Participation location: Germany, nation-wide

  • Course fees: 192,00 EUR, once for about 3 months

  • Booking: 0800 2910 403 or contact

  • Registrations: by 30 June 2020

    \ Requirements for course participation:

  • Windows PC or Mac with microphone

  • Software: Microsoft 'Teams’

  • completed participant registration

  • completed placement test

  • Receipt of payment of the course fee