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Our Story (2005)


Our Story (2005)

New ideas may take their time to grow and mature, but where would we be without new ideas? Here is to the dreamers and inventors who cannot simply accept the world as it is.

The idea for crossXculture was born out of the often painful realisation that the market for freelance language teachers could hardly ensure their financial well-being, as the rates that were commonly paid did not provide any kind of buffer for the risk that the often fluctuating work situation entails. It was clear from the very beginning: anyone wishing to pay their trainers a living wage as a provider would have to be prepared to start saving on themselves.

Our first office was therefore very humble at the time of our founding in 2005, and neither the premises in Frankfurt's Gallus district, which still was affordable at the time, nor the furnishings suggested that a new school concept was in process of being launched at this location. For the first time, this new concept would pay its trainers the space that they need to work sustainably, including the clear benefit of fair pay.

For our corporate clients the difference to other providers was initially hardly comprehensible, as they had to assume that a reasonable trainer payment scheme was the norm in many places. However, it soon became apparent that our trainers fluctuated less frequently and had fewer days of absence due to illness. They were better qualified and more committed to their participants and to the lessons. By then, at the latest, it was obvious that we had created something special and new with crossXculture: a protected space in which a new quality in teaching became possible.