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The Power of the Clover


The Power of the Clover

The four-leaf clover is a rare variation of the common three-leaf clover. A recent study on the likelihood of finding one has calculated the odds to be at approx. 5,000 to 1. Therefore, those of us who set out to find a four-leaved specimen need to depend on their luck as well as their good eyes.

And — as it is often the case with good fortune — the event of finding a four-leaf clover gives valuable reassurance. Luck manifests itself in two ways: In the finder, who is deemed lucky. And in the clover, which becomes a lucky charm.

In Europe, four-leaf clover has been a good luck charm for 2,000 years. The Celts believed that no evil could befall them when they held one in possession. The leaves have been ascribed symbolic meaning and stand for fame, riches, love, and health. Four-leaf clover has also been christened 'world symbol' in that its leaves represent the four cardinal directions: north, east, south, and west — or the four elements even: earth, water, air, and fire. And, finally, there is balance in the four-leaf clover, just as there is in the universe.

The four-leaf clover is a lucky charm, because we consider ourselves lucky when we find one. And yet, this luck would be of little significance, if it were not an affirmation of our ability to create moments or periods of good fortune for us. In other words, unless we motivate ourselves to go out and search for the four-leaf clover, the lucky moment of finding one will probably pass us by. As human beings, we have the power to wish for, to create, to preserve, and to cherish the luck we have strived for.

2020 has been a special year by any standard. One in which many of us have had to re-evaluate what we thought had already been established. And while this year has tested our personal resourcefulness in many ways, it has also shown us how lucky we are to have the support of so many. What are the chances of finding support in order to be carried through all this? How fortunate we are, that we have been able to cary others in return. Thank you for trusting in us to support you.

Let's keep our eyes and our hearts open
especially this Christmas.

cXc | crossXculture Team