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English Language Training for HiFi Audio Development, Music Production, and for the Entertainment Industry


English Language Training for HiFi Audio Development, Music Production, and for the Entertainment Industry

In this new project, we are giving you the opportunity to experience live language coaching with crossXculture’s founder. Let us work side by side to develop your skills based on the real-life scenarios you face in your everyday work environment.

As the founding father of the crossXculture language school, I have come to enjoy two things in my work life: 1. Fostering meaningful relationships with our students, trainers, and clients, and 2. expanding the principle of education to subjects that are currently outside the scope of our daily business. I have found that teaching works best when the trainer, too, has maintained the heart of an explorer and is the student’s guide and companion on the road to new discovery.

Educated in the studies of English Language, Literature, and Philosophy with an M.A. from Bayreuth University, and with 25 years of experience in adult education, I think there is no real doubt that I am able to teach the English language to my students. And by running our language school in its eighteenth year of operation, I have also shown that I am capable of systematic thinking for the greater benefit of those involved. However, few people know that I also worked as technical editor for the German TV manufacturer Loewe Opta in Kronach for four years, a time that trained me in the writing and translation of technical and owner manuals and in the assembly and presentation of specific product information.

My deep appreciation for entertainment technology did not begin in my time with Loewe, nor did it end when I left the company to once again focus on adult education. In fact, I had been constructing loudspeakers and modifying HiFi systems since my early adulthood, and I continued to read widely on the subject after leaving Loewe. When I set up the HiFi audio blog and started the company by the same name, this was my effort to combine the realm of teaching with the world of technology for a greater benefit to the readers of my blog, the students I was teaching, and to myself. Since its start in the Epidemic year 2020, eiaudio has developed into a learning platform that has explored the boundaries of human listening, analysed and questioned technological advances, and shared shared the passion for audio with thousands of new visitors each month.

My new course program is called “English language training for HiFi Audio Development, Music Production, and for the Entertainment Industry” and has been specifically designed for learners who seek to use the language professionally in this industry. Students joining me on the course will be given the opportunity to learn the language and develop their skills on the very materials and on the exact subject that they are going to use these skills for. The benefit to the learner is that we can make this a bi-directional experience about the subject of our interest while looking at the technical, linguistic, and social norms that are relevant for each language application. This means, there is no gap between the intended purpose and the content of each lesson, making this the next best thing to moving to an English speaking country for yourself.

For those of you working in sales in the HiFi-Audio/Video electronics industry, who have to deal with international contacts each day: Make sure you make your best impression all the time by understanding what is said between the lines. Let us look at how you best approach international customers to boost your company’s sales. In talking about cultural difference and appreciating each person’s value system, we can get deeper and make your products and services sound much more attractive. Let us find out how your product features can be translated into customer benefit. For the customer to understand the benefit of purchasing from your company, you first have to be convinced yourself.

If you are working in product development and need to pitch your ideas to your colleagues from management, you are facing the difficult task of making your technical vision clear to people who are at most only broadly interested. If this is in English, a language that is not your mother tongue, you are at least facing two problems at once. And still, there is hope that with the right words in a brief presentation you will be able to win people for your cause, not matter how complicated this may seem. Let’s look at how to present your ideas, at how your innovation produces added value for your company. Let your English skills match your professional skills for your highly competent self-presentation.

For those of you working in Music Production it has become ever more important to be heard by the people who still have a say in a market that has been shrinking probably since the development of the mp3-player. Good people skills can be of higher value to you than the quality of your mastering. In a market that is over-saturated with technical experts you need to become an expert on humans to survive. After all, your next project probably has less potential of making you successful than your next big industry contact. Let us speak about your goals in the industry and work on strategies for you to reach these goals.

With all levels of media channels buzzing at the same time, and highlights fading ever more quickly, it has become increasingly difficult to reach satisfactory results working in the entertainment industry. From creating a top-grossing hit to ending up with an all-time loser, anything is possible all the time. Your personality, your selected business contacts, the right idea at the right time, these are dimensions that need to be discussed with other human beings. And more often than not, the language of choice is English. Let us look at how business relationships are formed and how you can use your social and language skills in your favour.

Have a look at our offer and contact me today.

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