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Contact us today if you are interested in working as a language trainer with cXc crossXculture. Feel free to call us for more information before sending off your trainer CV. Our friendly support team will be pleased to assist you.
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We look forward to your application!

In order to support and expand our language training teams, we are looking for language instructors, language trainers, and coaches, on a freelance basis in different languages.

What we offer you

crossXculture offers in-company language courses for corporates and in-house language courses for private persons. This means our language classes are held either on our customers’ premises or online.

Our qualified language trainers, in the many locations throughout Germany and online, benefit from an excellent work environment, our fair-share wage system, comfortable administration, and billing processes and professional contacts within the community.

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What we require

For the expansion of our trainer team we are looking for qualified language trainers in all languages and in all regions of Germany. Successful candidates will have:

crossXculture Trainer criteria

What we hope for

In addition to the necessary qualifications we expect you to be highly motivated in your daily work so that you may instil similar motivation in your course participants. You trust in your skills and your work and take pride in sharing your knowledge. You are sensitive and ready to offer support, and you enjoy working with intercultural groups. You take pride in giving your lessons and your own work processes structure and meaning.

How to apply with us

Please send your CV as PDF (showing your complete German postal address) along with proof of your qualification and a brief cover letter in which you describe your motivation and your preferred position at crossXculture to:

Ms Sabina Hein, e-mail: