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Benefit from language courses that are designed to make you feel welcome right from the first day.
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Language Courses for Participants
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In-house and online language courses for groups and individuals

The following course formats have been designed make your start easy. From the concise ‘Get to know us’ offer to the comprehensive ‘Full-Level’ course, the descriptions will provide you with a first impression of your current options. Click on the course to call up the price calculation.

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Current Offers — German as a Foreign Language

Specialised German Courses

Current Offers — English as a Foreign Language

Specialised English Courses

General Course Information

Discover our different course formats, subjects and levels

crossXculture language classes will be tailored to fit your exact demands. Therefore, the more we can learn about your needs, the better we can prepare our offer. You might consider the following options when planning your course

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There are two ways in which you benefit from an in-house specialist like us: First, training within your own walls is genuinely free of additional room charges. Second, you save your staff the valuable time and energy it takes to get to an outside training location. Saving your employees time and your business money makes sense.

Senior Training

Keeping Fit

from 1 x 90mins per week

Senior Training courses help you stay in shape by working on your vocabulary skills, increasing your general language knowledge and improving your readiness to use your skills in a business context. Choose this format if you already have some experience in learning this language.

cXc ONLINE  -  100% live training for you

This format has been especially designed for participants who cannot have lessons in the same room together. Examples of this are: a sales team on which the members are working remotely; participants who are on the same language level, but based in different offices; participants working for smaller companies, who cannot find learning partners on their level from inside their own business.

The cXc | crossXculture ONLINE format lets you connect in a well-organised and formal setting, using up-to-date web conferencing technology. Depending on your scenario, crossXculture’s professional language trainers along with our dedicated online support team will be able to give you the best possible training experience. Trust language training made in Germany.