Placement Test

Take a language test

Test your language skills today to find out how fit you are – or simply in preparation for your customized crossXculture language course.

Karsten Hein, Inhaber crossXculture

Each language test consists of 80 language relevant questions for which you need to choose the one answer that you feel is correct. All tests should be completed without any additional aides and are suitable for learners from A1 Starter to B2 Upper-Intermediate. They will produce test scores from 0 to 100%. Levels C1 and C2 require personal interviews to learn about the specific personal learning history and to help define clear goals.

Be sure to allow for enough time when completing the test. Your answers cannot be stored and will be lost, if you choose to abort the test half-way. You will receive your personal test score along with the test correction on your e-mail address. A copy of your test and score will be stored by us in order to advise you further, if so requested. Good luck.

We hope you will enjoy the test!