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Brush-Up Course

Brush-Up Courses are suitable for learners of language levels A2.1 or higher seeking to reactivate their communications skills in the language in order to prepare for a new assignment or a new role in the company. Contents and target of the course are set prior to the start.
Brush-Up Course
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Brush-Up Course

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* Pricing example for 2 Units per Week with all participants attending. Actual prices may vary. Please contact us for a personal offer.

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We are glad you're here. Each price example is quoted per 45min-unit and per month, for the selected number of persons as a group price. The minimum duration per appointment is 90 minutes, unless otherwise stated. 60-minute lessons upon request.

All quotations are listed at net price. Language courses in German and English are exempt from VAT. The stated price includes registration and placement of participants and certificate of attendance. Cancellations are free of charge until 24h before the start of the course (except workshops and intensive courses). Our conditions of participation apply.

A) For company specific courses (in-company) we are happy to follow your software requirements. The creation of the online team and the invitation of the trainer will need to come from your side and be sent via web link to the respective trainer e-mail address. If required, we will support you in this process.

B) Existing cXc ONLINE groups are based on Microsoft Teams and the invitation of the individual participants is done by us. Please send us your non-binding request for setting up web-classes via e-mail or contact form.

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