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Test your English language skills today to find out how fit you are – or simply in preparation for your customized crossXculture English language course.

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Thank you for choosing our online placement test to determine your current language level. This service is without any engagement and offered free of charge.

The test places learners from A1 Starter (Breakthrough) to B2 Upper-Intermediate (Vantage). Your personal test result can be useful for helping you find the right level group for your language skills. Therefore, do not be too concerned, if there some or indeed many questions for which you do not know the answer. Simply give it your best shot.

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Do plan for enough time to answer all the questions at a stretch. The test has to be completed in one piece, because your answers cannot be stored on your computer.

We hope you will enjoy the experience. Good luck!

01. Could I speak to Mr. Smith, please?
02. Have a nice flight.
03. Do you mind if I close the window?
04. Do we have to finish this by tomorrow?
05. May I use your phone?
06. Excuse me, may I borrow your pen for a moment?
07. My wife just got a job working at EPT.
08. Excuse me, could you direct me to Mr. Leef's office, please?
09. Would you like me to call a taxi for you?
10. Thank you for all your help.
11. Can you speak German?
12. Does she work every day?
13. Has he always lived in Frankfurt?
14. Aren't you the girl I spoke to on the phone yesterday?
15. Didn't I meet your husband at the company party a month ago?
16. _____ did you go to the post office? This morning.
17. _____ has just arrived? The Vice President.
18. _____ did they want? The name of our distributor.
19. _____ did they have to repair the keyboard? He spilled tea on it.
20. _____ papers are those on the desk? Joe's.
21. _____ can I find the Benson file? On Sue's desk.
22. _____ did he spend his holiday? Working on the report.
23. _____ were you speaking to? James.
24. _____ of the three models did you order this time? The black one.
25. _____ is the new manager like? Very friendly.
26. Frankfurt is _____ than Berlin.
27. Frankfurt is _____ than Bielefeld.
28. Writing an email is _____ than writing a letter.
29. It is _____ to live in London than in Frankfurt.
30. New York City is _____ than Bielefeld.
31. He _____ a job in the cafeteria of the company.
32. He occasionally _____ to England on business.
33. I _____ a letter from them yesterday. (receive)
34. The prices on the stock market _____ in 1929.
35. The telephone company _____ new lines in the building next Monday.
36. We _____ from our branch in Paris for the last ten days.
37. Please don't disturb me. I _____ my presentation.
38. When we reached the conference room, Mr. Smith _____ already _____.
39. While the secretary _____ the letter, her boss suddenly thought of some corrections.
40. Are you still working on the report? How long _____ you _____ on it?
41. They _____ on the project when you arrive, but don't be afraid to interrupt them.
42. Usually the books _____ from the warehouse in New York.
43. When the man _____, he said he _____ the same questions the day before.
44. They _____ the planned company picnic if it _____ tomorrow.
45. If I _____ as many meetings as you, I _____ trouble getting my work done too.
46. What! He didn't talk to him? I _____ to him if I _____ in his position.
47. If you don't mind, we'd rather _____ now.
48. They keep _____ us what to do.
49. I wonder if you'd mind _____ a moment.
50. I suggest _____ over the situation with him.
51. You'd better _____ again.
52. Why didn't they make him _____ for the mistake?
53. I have been advertising _____ a new secretary for ages.
54. Will you _____ my advice?
55. We have a difficult problem _____.
56. We shouldn't _____ too much emphasis on that point.
57. Can you _____ me your pen for a moment?
58. We will see _____ next month.
59. She _____ me she wasn't feeling very well.
60. _____ carefully while I explain what's to be done.
61. The meeting started at eight o'clock, and they were fifteen minutes late.
62. Like his father and his father's father, Andy is a lawyer.
63. Actually, Mr. Jackson's mother is my older sister.
64. To get to Denver you must change planes in Chicago.
65. The letter was returned unopened because the address on it was wrong.
66. He didn't get the job because he wore his old suit for the interview.
67. They displeased the director by quitting their jobs before finishing the project.
68. It takes an hour to get to the hotel; you must leave now if you want to arrive by noon.
69. Despite his furious temper, Frank was really a friendly and generous person.
70. My profits from the sale amounted to 240,00 Euros, and I gave him half.
71. _____ me help you do that.
72. I'm hungry. _____ something to eat, please.
73. She's never _____ to New York.
74. _____ you ever visited London?
75. It's a very long day for Jack. He doesn't get home from school _____ six o'clock.
76. They usually _____ at home but today they _____ lunch in a restaurant.
77. A friend of _____ phoned this morning but _____ didn't leave a message.
78. We _____ lunch when the phone _____.
79. It's the best film _____. You should go and see it.
80. I haven't heard from Jane for ages. I wonder _____.
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