Language courses for the music industry

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English lessons for the music industry

crossXculture offers specialised language courses for companies and language lessons for adults in the music and entertainment industry.

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Language courses for groups and individuals

Be sure to benefit from our 15 years of experience in providing successful, tailor-made language classes to companies like yours and people like yourself.

This offer is aimed at audio engineers, music producers, sound designers, music journalists, at engineers in the entertainment industry, and those who want to enter this profession. It is made for international marketers and sales professionals for hi-fi audio and video products, and for those who are in the process of opening up new markets abroad.

Cooperating closely with you, we will look at your specific business environment to understand the situations in which you need to communicate confidently in English on a daily basis, and based on this assessment, discuss the most appropriate materials and strategies for you to reach your linguistic goals.

Language courses for the music industry
Sound engineers

English Classes for Sound Engineers

The right sound is of great and sometimes existential importance for radio, music, film, cinema, theatre, advertising and television productions, but also for live events. In addition to a good understanding of the technology and the necessary technical skills, personal resilience and communication skills play a significant role for the sound technician. Confidence in the use of English is becoming increasingly important in this context.

Music producers

English Classes for Music Producers

Authentic communication, excellent people skills, and a good feel for the music market of the future are just some of the important skills of successful music producers. In order to demonstrate the necessary sensitivity for dealing with stars and starlets on an international platform, regular training in manners and effortless information exchange in the English language are important.

Language courses for the music industry
Audio designers

English Classes for Audio Designers

The work of the sound designer has long since shifted from creating and capturing new sounds live in the field to the seclusion of the personal computer. Songs, background noises, film music, ringtones, film sounds, and much more bear the designer's signature mostly without being consciously noticed by the public. To make oneself heard from this background and to assert oneself internationally requires talent and skills, also in the linguistic exchange with international colleagues and during negotiations.

Music journalists

English Courses for Music Journalists

Vloggers, bloggers, and influencers are not helping to make the task of the classic music journalist any easier, especially if a reasonable amount of quality is to be maintained. But the transitions between the genres have become fluid and linguistic proficiency remains the be-all and end-all of the industry. With knowledge of the English language, journalists can gain access to most texts of the Western world, and those who can publish English texts reach about 2/3 of the world's population. Faster knowledge about global trends and the potential of a larger readership are clear advantages for today's journalists.

Language courses for the music industry
Hi-fi audio sales

English for HiFi-Audio Manufacturers and Sales

Excellent HiFi equipment has been around since the seventies at the latest, and yet social conventions and our understanding of technology are constantly evolving. In order to be able to present the benefits of modern technology to today's audiences in a palatable way, a more customer-focused presentation style is needed that makes the expected product benefits clearer for the customer.

Hi-fi audio staff

Sales Training for HiFi Audio Staff

Can I help you? - In the age of online trading, successful HiFi-retail stores are becoming increasingly rare. But despite the ever-present customer reviews of the products on offer, the resulting benefits for the buyer are often only minimal and the quality of products has been generally declining. This trend shows how great the need for personal, customer-oriented, and sustainable sales really is. And yet, in-shop sales personnel and their potential customers are finding it increasingly difficult to reach agreements that create a genuine win-win situation for both parties. The culprit here is rarely the price but the role of the sales person that is not yet fully utilised.

Communication in the Music Industry

Successful Through Communication

All of the above scenarios have one thing in common: successful communication through language, gestures and facial expressions, and through empathy.

Karsten Hein, Inhaber crossXculture

My passion. Your success.

“With our course offerings for the music industry, you are investing in your future. I look forward to meeting you!”

Karsten Hein, Language Trainer

After all, what good are the greatest skills, the best ideas, and the most interesting projects if you fail to inspire those who have the means and the influence to make them come to fruition. In our English courses for the music industry, you will develop your tools and invest in your success for years to come.

60.00 EUR / 45min unit*
monthly on invoice**
free of charge, until 24h before appointment

* Units per week subject to agreement
** according to attendance sheets

About the English and Sales Trainer

Karsten grew up bilingual in New York and Frankfurt and studied English Literature and Linguistics in Bayreuth and Norwich. He worked as a technical writer for Loewe Opta GmbH for several years and founded the crossXculture language school for in-company and online language courses throughout Germany in 2005. Since 2010, Karsten has also worked as an English-speaking trade fair sales trainer for various companies in the mechanical and plant engineering industry.

During the Corona year 2020, Karsten launched, a website dedicated to building and reviewing hi-fi equipment that was based on his long interest in the subject. Karsten has deep knowledge of communications, sales, and audio engineering, and brings along 25 years of experience in text, tech, and teaching adults.

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