Course Details

Business English C1

In this course you will gain insight into the cultural use of the language in order to correctly interpret even more complex formulations.

The course is taught exclusively in English and invites you to participate actively on a regular 1x 90min per week basis, offering a great start to your day.

C1 = Excellent Skills

Business English C1

Course Details

Day/Time: Thursdays, 7:30 AM - 9:00 AM
Start: In Preparation / Reserve Slot...!
Duration: 12 Sessions , ca. 3 months
Fee: 264,00 EUR VAT exempt

Terms & Registration

We are pleased to hear that you would like to participate in a cXc WEBCLASS. Following your successful registration, you will be invited to the class via e-mail.

Classes will take place online using Microsoft Teams. This means you will need a Microsoft account. If you do not have an existing Microsoft account, you can set up a free account here.

Your trainer will lead your group in 100% live training sessions and make sure the atmosphere is productive and relaxed. Lessons are held 1x 90min per week, even if you cannot take part in a given lesson. This means free cancellations of single appointments are not possible. Appointments cancelled by cXc | crossXculture, e.g. due to holiday or sickness of the trainer, will be communicated in a timely fashion and added to the end of the course.

‘Office English’ is based on an ongoing curriculum teaching the skills specific to the chosen language level. Each level comprises about 100 units from the beginning to the end of the level. Student may join this curriculum, or renew their booking and payment for a further three months, as long as their language level is compatible with the course. If you are not sure of your current level, you can test your skills here .

Our language courses are based on current teaching methods and textbooks. They are communicative in structure and serve to teach receptive and productive language skills. A textbook can also be purchased by the participant to support self-learning. The one-off costs of approx. 10-30 EUR per course are not included in the course price.

The teachers appointed are either native speakers or bilingual and speak language of instruction at a native level. They have a high degree of cultural awareness, a language-related university degree, often linguistics and didactics, experience from the world of business and at least 2 years of professional experience as language teachers in adult education.

Upon request, cXc | crossXculture will issue a certificate of participation the end of the course. This certificate contains the participant's unique identification with name, date and place of birth, course duration, teaching units attended and final level. cXc | crossXculture charges a fee of 10 EUR for processing and mailing. The assessment scheme for the language development of course participants shall be defined by the levels of the Common European Framework of Reference:


Your course registration is binding for the agreed units (12 meetings). A teaching period begins with the first agreed appointment and ends with in the end of the last agreed teaching unit. Further participation is possible by paying again as long as the offer is valid. A change between courses is usually also possible after consultation.

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