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German Pronunciation Training

This course will help you identify inaccuracies in your pronunciation and show you how to eliminate these by following specific exercises.

The course is taught exclusively in German, with the five flexible trainer sessions being focused on the aspects of pronunciation that are important for you.

German Pronunciation Training

Course Details

Day/Time: 60 Minutes, Individual
Start: Upon request
Duration: 5 Sessions , max. 3 months
Fee: 455,00 EUR VAT exempt (if private)
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Terms & Registration

We are pleased to hear that you would like to participate in a cXc WEBCLASS. Following your successful registration, you will be sent the link to the Online-Pronunciation Program to create two recordings. Based on your recordings, we will provide you with a thorough analysis of your speaking patterns and direct you to the modules of the program that you will benefit from the most. At the same time, we will ask you to schedule your first trainer session.

Classes will take place online using Microsoft Teams. This means you will need a Microsoft account. If you do not have an existing Microsoft account, you can set up a free account here.

Your trainer will lead your group in 100% live training sessions and make sure the atmosphere is productive and relaxed. The course topics are tailored to your needs and based on the online pronunciation analysis at the beginning of the course. Since changing pronunciation habits needs some practice, this course includes 3 months online access to our Pronunciation Program. Individual trainer sessions can be cancelled free of charge until 24h before the event. Appointments cancelled by cXc | crossXculture, e.g. due to holiday or sickness of the trainer, will be communicated in a timely fashion and added to the end of the course.

German Pronunciation Training is a specialised format focusing exclusively on pronunciation and is available for student levels B1.1 - C2.2. It comprises a pronunciation check, 5 live trainer sessions online, as well as 3 months access to the supporting Pronunciation Program. If necessary, the course can be repeated, either fully, or in one or more of its parts. This offer is available to anyone within the language competence level described above. If you are not sure of your current level, you can test your skills here .

This language course is based on current teaching methods and formats. It is communicative in structure and serves to teach receptive and productive language skills. A textbook is not necessary, as the content is provided by the online Pronunciation Program.

The teachers appointed are either native speakers or bilingual and speak language of instruction at a native level. They have a high degree of cultural awareness, a language-related university degree, often linguistics and didactics, experience from the world of business and at least 2 years of professional experience as language teachers in adult education.

Upon request, cXc | crossXculture will issue a certificate of participation the end of the course. cXc | crossXculture charges a fee of 10 EUR for processing and mailing.

Your course registration is binding for the agreed units (5 meetings). A teaching period begins with the first agreed appointment and ends with in the end of the last agreed teaching unit. Further participation is possible by re-booking and paying for as long as the offer is available.

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