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But you found us.


But you found us.

Most people will have heard of language schools such as Goethe Institute, Berlitz, and Inlingua, to name but a few. And today is possibly the first time that you read about the crossXculture Business Language School and our services.

But why is this? Does this mean that crossXculture is not any good?

Well, no. On the contrary: We primarily work as a business-to-business provider and, as such, are only one aspect of a company’s training offers to its employees. When our corporate customers talk about language training, they refer to the lessons as their own company’s courses rather than thinking of them as those of crossXculture. This means that, as long as we provide our services discretely, our students are often less aware of who provides their language classes than of the benefit they receive from their own employer.

Another reason for our name being relatively unknown to the public is that we do not advertise our courses through public media channels. Rather than spending lots of our client’s money on advertising, we devote some of our time to direct marketing and spend the greater part of our budget on sourcing the best trainers in the country for your language class. By doing so, crossXculture has long since become a home to qualified trainers. And, make no mistake, these trainers have had no difficulty in finding us or in remembering our name.

Our corporate clients benefit from our high quality, low profile approach regarding services and never need to worry that we will show off their company names as trophies on our website and will rather keep this information to ourselves. This way our clients do not have to worry about constantly showing up in mailing lists and being bombarded by competitor’s offers. Search our page, and you will see that our focus is on training excellence rather than names dropping.

However, despite our before listed efforts to remain discrete, you have today come across our website, whether this was through a posted job offer, the referral from a cherished customer, through a web-search, or simply by accident. Welcome aboard. Knowing how rare this opportunity is for us, I hope that you will spend a moment considering our training offers. Rest assured that our institution organises some of the most beneficial language courses, creating added value for employees, for the companies they work for, and for ourselves.

Come and help us invest in training that strengthens the German market by investing heavily in local trainers and strengthening local businesses alike. We will be happy to advise and support you in any training project. And we have the nationwide online- and presence training infrastructure to assure that your project is successful and that your business can thrive.
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