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Your language school in Odenwald & Bergstraße offers language courses for companies and professional language classes for adults.

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Be sure to benefit from our 15 years of experience in providing successful, tailor-made language classes to companies like yours and people like yourself.

crossXculture has been the preferred training partner of international companies and working adults in Germany since 2005. On the basis of an extensive network of qualified trainers, crossXculture in-company language training and in-house language classes are available in the form of presence training and as live online training courses.

As a seasoned business partner to HR departments and working professionals, we lend valuable support in determining language levels, the creation of homogenous classes, and in the keeping of statistics regarding participation and employee development. We also offer a range of instruments for budget allocation and control.

Customers with training needs in multiple locations in Germany trust in our continuously high level of service, especially in terms of the dependability and quality of our language courses. To prepare for your training with us, please choose from the following options:

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A local success story

crossXculture is a German quality brand that offers language courses for adults and has made an excellent name for itself among employees and employers. Since 2006, the language institute has offered English courses, German courses, and courses in many other languages to our customers in the Odenwald region.

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“crossXculture in-house language courses are a sure way to improve staff performance.”

Karsten Hein, Owner & Sabina Hein, Customer Service
of cXc | crossXculture

Our primary focus is on providing ideal language training to adults. Next to our in-house and in-company language courses, we have been offering an increasing range of language courses online, to accommodate the modern living arrangements and the more flexible work environment of our customers. To assure the same great service and quality for all our clients, no matter which format they choose, we first created a strong operational base, a foundation that has its roots in our history of gradual growth and mutual support.

Our first clients were companies from the financial services industry who mostly required in-company English training, as well as some German language classes for their non-German-speaking staff. In many cases, expatriate managers also brought their families to Germany, and soon crossXculture was asked to support spouses at home, in the form of in-house or online German courses.

With crossXculture’s growing presence in Rhine-Main, our increasing number of local clients from various industries asked us to offer courses to their subsidiaries in other German cities. At the same time, we also received more and more applications from trainers in other German locations. This led to the formation of further local teams in other federal states.

As international companies tend to send their staff abroad and would like to prepare them for the duration of their stay, we were asked to extend our range of language offers. Next to the classic German, French, and English language training, we soon came to offer courses in Dutch, Czech, Russian, Korean, and in many other languages.

crossXculture has managed to do well and create a stable environment for our corporate customers, professional participants, qualified language trainers, and for ourselves. This is because our customers benefit from our focus on providing for them a productive and enjoyable learning experience in a setting that is adapted to the corporate goals and professional needs of the participants. We accomplish this with such regularity, because we use most of our resources to secure the most capable trainers in the country and make them interested in teaching your language course.

You too can benefit from brining your training needs to crossXculture. In addition to receiving excellent training, our partnership in training will lead to a further strengthening of skill and quality of life in our local community.

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Language courses Odenwald & Bergstraße - German, English, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, etc.

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