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1. Learner’s advantage: master a language and improve your people skills

The ability to communicate well ranks next to self-confidence and the ability to empathize among the three most important soft skills, as these attributes make up the corner stones of social competence. Individuals with great people skills are much sought after in the world of business due to their ability to react flexibly and appropriately.

Each of us is equipped with such skills to up to a degree, especially so in the context of our mother tongues and relating to familiar situations of everyday life. People skills in an inter-cultural context and in respect to work life, however, are not necessarily part of this standard repertoire. Such skills first need to be rehearsed in real-life situations. Only then they become part of our routine and are available to us when needed.

crossXculture language courses serve to enhance the communication skills of all course participants, they improve self-confidence as well as the ability to empathize, especially in a modern intercultural environment. Group courses actively promote teamwork, improve both the ability to offer and to accept criticism and lead to greater flexibility in behaviour and self-assertiveness. 

Participating in language courses requires our curiosity and some self-discipline. Language classes train an analytical mind-set, as participants are invited to recognize new structure and to put these into practise. crossXculture language courses provide the ideal setting for training people skills and learning about new methods.

2. Business advantage: crossXculture language courses will improve more than your language skills

What you may expect in addition to the improvement of language skills:

  • Greater sensitivity for dealing with language in general
  • More effective use of existing business communication tools
  • Improved readiness for communication amongst colleagues 
  • Improved self-assertiveness and the ability to speak in public 
  • The ability to share and reflect upon opinions in a team 
  • Learning about new standards in business communication 
  • Greater ease and understanding in handling cultural differences 
  • Reassessment of existing routines and work practices
  • Developing new perspectives for personal growth

crossXculture’s qualified language trainers have both the experience and the resources to offer hands-on language courses that effectively help you train your soft skills in a professional context. Improved communication will result in a more positive business environment and better external response, thus providing you with a competitive advantage.

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    Each of our trainers is deeply committed to stand by your side until the job is done. For this to happen, crossXculture provides the right tools and lots of individual support.

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